Easy Christmas crafts for kids

I like to do fun things with my children. Fun, low-maintenance things whenever possible.  Oh I know kids are messy.  Call me lazy, or call me smart.  Less mess= less clean up time = more time to play or do other things. I’ve got it!  Call me practical! 😉

So, while Christmas shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I found these gems – and only because I checked my Cartwheel app! There was a coupon for 50% off all seasonal kids crafts! Definitely worth a look, I thought. Bonus: I found felt Christmas stickers that I volunteered to buy for my Kindergartener’s class… ALSO 50% off! Score. Craft kits, after coupon, was $2, $4, & $5.


We did these first. It was a kit to make 4  gingerbread ornaments. They were super easy for the kids to understand and finish without help (except for my 17mos old of course. She figured out the stickers but if course they weren’t I’m the traditional places). It kept them busy for about 20 minutes. I threw away the box with example picture and it was neat to see how they decorated them.  Brendan actually used some of the sequins as eyes and at the corners of the mouth. I never would have thought of that and was glad he surprised me! Each child marked theirs with their name and the year. We are giving the extra as a Christmas gift. (Shhh don’t tell!)



This one I saved for my two eldest when the little one was napping. My eldest colored it and they did the stickers together. Originally there were stickers for the mouth, but they fell off… hence the hand-drawn ones. Pretty cute as a homemade decoration.  Fun detail: it lights up from a switch on the bottom.


These came in a kit of 20. I let each child do 2, and saved the rest. I was going to do the rest before Christmas, but now I think I’ll save them for next year. When they finished, our eldest realized the sticky backs of the scarves and arms adhered them to their doors, and that’s where they hang now.

What I love about these kits:
1. They were very affordable
2. The kids loved them
3. Everything you need is included in the kit (unless you want to decorate more with markers)
4. Low-maintenance and easy clean-up

These kits were great even for the creatively-challenged like me.  😉

As I probably won’t post until after Christmas, I’ll extend a very Merry one to you and yours! My prayer is that your holiday is rich with the true meaning of Christmas: the coming of the Savior!


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