The One Hair Product Every Busy Mom Needs

Wait, you’ve heard that one before? I know, I have too. I get really tired of infomercials, commercials, print ads, and magazines extolling the “GREATNESS” of a product, only to shell money out and realize it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. That’s why when I find something I like, I stick with it.

And this product, I LOVE.

Aveda Style Prep

Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep

Have you ever been one of the following situations? (Busy moms, answer YES!)
1. It’s your day to shower (because there’s no way you get one EVERY day, even on a good week!) but something happens. The kids skip their naps, there’s no babysitter available, a pressing matter pops up that takes up your shower time. And you have to be somewhere later! Your hair is not styled, and in the state it’s in, it won’t BE styled until it’s washed again.
2. It’s NOT your day to shower, and even though your hair is usually perfectly fine with this arrangement, it decided to be stubborn today and looks greasier than normal. Showering is NOT in your schedule today.
3. You showered last night, because that’s the only time you CAN shower – when everyone else is sleeping. But now you have a major case of bedhead that even a straight iron and hair spray can’t fix.

So what would you do in these situations?
1. Maybe grab a hat???
2. Try baby powder, and hope it all blends in when you brush it??
3. Use lots of gel and try to put it in a pony tail that doesn’t have stray hairs sticking out from everywhere?

Now I’m sounding like an infomercial (sorry). Let’s get real.

It used to be I “couldn’t” shower at night, because when I slept on wet or even freshly dried hair, it got all wavy in the wrong places – and didn’t look clean anyway, so what was the point? And yes, I’ve used the baby powder trick a time or two. And no, I don’t own hats really, so that was never an option for me. It was basically change my plans to “stay-holed-up-and-hope-no-one-drops-by-unexpectedly” so I wouldn’t have to go out looking like a grease ball and smelling like a zoo.

But I got this as a gift for Christmas (thanks Mom!), and I am so sold on the necessity of this one little bottle that I will definitely shell out the money for it when I run out. (If you’re curious, it’s $24 on Aveda’s site.)

Plus it’s simple and fast: spray some all over (or only on problem areas) and comb to distribute. Then blow dry or curl or straight iron the problem right away.

I can now shower at night with confidence knowing I’ve got this baby in my cabinet!
And greasy hair is a thing of the past!
Untamed waves and fly-aways? Not a problem for this momma!

I reverted back to the infomercial voice. Apparently I can’t help it. 😉

I am in no way being paid to endorse this product. (But I will accept money after the fact, if you’re offering, Aveda. 😉 )

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