Bring me back to You
Anchor me in Your love
Envelop me with Your infallible wisdom;
Wrap me in Your peace.
Shine light into the dark crevices
Hidden from me but obvious to You
Illuminate my wretchedness
Convict me with Your loving voice
Soften my hardened heart.

Bring me back to You
When slow is good
When quiet magnificence fills my inner being
Slow down –
Help me to Slow Down
Show me a better way
than rushing through this life You have lovingly, painstakingly, sacrificially crafted for me.

Remove the blinders from my eyes
Let me see clearly
the miracles with which You’ve surrounded me
No longer do I desire to have deaf ears:
Ring, Bell!
Resound, Gong!
Crash, Cymbal!
Rejoice, Heart, and awaken!
Proclaim the good works He’s done for you,
the storm of blessings He’s poured down on this wretch.

For in You alone, Lord, is my soul satisfied;
without you, it is grays, dull.
You make me clean; the blood-red of your sacrifice makes me shine blinding white
and each moment of life, Technicolor.
Let me live in You:
Be my anchor.
Be first.
Be last.
Be my waking and my sleeping, my breathing.
Every breath belongs to You.
Let me live in you;
Reside in You
Be my vine where I draw my strength
A never-ending supply.
Connected, never severed.
Abiding with you
every moment of every day.

Then let Your light break forth
Let Your love spill out
Like a cascade of Joy
and hope
and peace
and relentless love
As I walk, breathe, live, BE   –  with You.

Living, Residing, Abiding

Seeing every moment
Tasting every interaction
Feeling every memory, created
Savoring and basking in Your goodness
all the moments of my life.
Days are long, but years are short –
they shall not be wasted.

Then from my branch
let new life Spring forth
Love, alive
A bud nurtured becomes a bloom which scatters seed
and creates new life.
The circle of life in Grace
for You are faithful to all generations.

Grateful for every moment
Living, truly living, life to the full, until it overflows.

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