Meijer mPerks (couponing)

Awhile back, Meijer rolled out a new program called ‘mPerks’. At first many of us were not sure about it because it consisted mainly of coupons on store brand products, and not all of them were very desirable. Fast forward about a year, and it has progressed A TON. Not only are there great store coupons on produce and store brand items, but there are also manufacturer coupons. These are similar to what you would get out of the newspaper or printables online, but they connect to your mPerks account. You use your phone number and a pin number to logΒ in. You load coupons to your account, enter your phone number at the register, and BAM! Instant savings!

The reason I wanted to highlight the mPerks today is to tell you about their Rewards program. I love it. They give you 3-4 options in 2-3 categories. You choose which option you’d like to work towards, and once you’ve fulfilled the requirement, you get $x off your entire basket.
For example:
One category I had three options: Spend $20 in skin care, get $X off. Spend $30 in hair care, get $8 off. Spend $30 in health products, get $8 off. This is a tough one as I really don’t spend much in any of these categories at Meijer. (I get most of my skin care/hair care online from Artistry and Satinique.)
They also have pharmacy rewards and Baby rewards (For the Baby rewards, every $100 you spend you get $10 off! Wish they would’ve started this 6 months earlier, it would’ve been a HUGE money saver for us!)

But in one of the categories there was this option:
“Spend $60 in produce, get $8 off.”
Great for us right now as we’ve been eating up the produce around here with the Hubs’ weight loss goals!! (By the way, he’s lost over 9 lbs in 2 weeks. SO proud of him!)
Your purchases are cumulative, and usually they go an entire calendar month. So, new options become available the 1st of each month and all your purchases (yes separate transactions!) count towards fulfilling that $60 requirement. You can track how much you’ve spent and how far you have to go by logging into your mPerks account online – or checking it on their app!

Now! Once you’ve fulfilled the total required amount, you get a “Special Offer” in your mPerks. You can clip the $x off your total basket coupon. At the store when you begin your transaction and put in your mPerks number and PIN, a screen pops up asking, “Would you like to use $x off your basket now?” Hit YES!!! And then a beautiful thing happens: YOU SCAN ITEMS AND YOUR TOTAL STAYS $0!!! Woo hoo!! πŸ™‚

If you have a Meijer nearby and haven’t checked the mPerks out yet, I recommend registering here. Have fun saving!!!