Breakfast Bread Pudding

I love when ‘leftovers’ inspire me to make something new!

Last night I had some almost-stale strips of Irish Soda Bread leftover from church on Sunday. I also only had 3 eggs, since we were going grocery shopping the next morning. I suddenly thought how delicious it would be to eat the soda bread (which had raisins in it!) as French Toast! I was concerned we wouldn’t have enough for everyone, so I started thinking how I could stretch the meal a little bit.
Enter chunks of cinnamon apples!

I prepped as much as I could the night before, just getting out simple ingredients to reduce steps and make my morning go smoother. And then I cooked, and it turned out amazing!

What you’ll Need:
1 apple (gala or Granny Smith are good), diced into small cubes
about 3 cups Irish Soda bread with raisins (older bread is great because it will hold its shape better), cut into thin strips
2 eggs
about 1/4 cup Milk
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
Several shakes Cinnamon
1-2 tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon White granulated Sugar
1-2 tablespoons Butter

1. Chop up an apple into small, square cubes. I made them pretty small (1/4″ maybe) to match the soda bread, which was cut into thin strips.
2. Dump said apples into a bowl and add cinnamon and sugar. Stir to coat them!
3. In a separate bowl whisk the eggs, vanilla, more cinnamon, a dash or two of salt, and the milk until combined.
4. Add butter to a frying pan and turn heat to medium. Heat while doing next steps. *Watch until butter melts, but does not bubble up or burn.
5. Add the strips of soda bread into the egg mixture. TIP: Pouring the egg mixture into a pie pan before adding the soda bread will allow you to coat more bread in less time, and enable you to add them to the pan at the same time, therefore cooking them more evenly
6. Once butter is melted, add the cubes of cinnamon apples to the pan.
7. Add the egg-soaked strips of soda bread and stir to mix with apples. Let cook for 1-2 minutes, then stir again.
8. Continue to stir, making sure no one side burns but that all pieces are cooked and not soggy.

When finished, the bread will take on a French Toast texture, and combine with the apples and other pieces of bread for a bread-pudding feel.

So delish!

So delish! This is what was left in the pan after first serving but before second helpings 😉

My kids loved this and so did I! It’s sweet enough not to need any syrup, but it is perfect with some homemade whipped cream (which is way easier to make than you might think, and which I am now making pretty much every week 😉 ).

Try this for a quick weekday breakfast – maybe a special occasion like a birthday or Awards Ceremony, first or last day of school. Or just if you have bread that’s getting stale 😉


Nana’s Guilt-Free Chicken Salad

This is Meal #2 in this week’s meal plan using America’s favorite: chicken breast. (Well, maybe it’s not your favorite, because you’re tired of it. Hopefully after this week I’ll change your mind!)

If you’re blessed to have an Oma, Nana, Grammy, or Grandma like mine, going to her house always meant a special treat that you could only get from her.  (No matter that your mom would make it at home. It was just never the same.) At my Nana’s when I was young, it was always cinnamon toast and hot chocolate. She must have had some secret recipe for her cinnamon/sugar recipe, because I could never quite replicate how it tasted. And I’m pretty sure her hot chocolate was microwaved milk with store- bought packets. But it was always SO good.
When I got a little older, less picky, and more adventurous, it became this chicken salad. I had never had anything like it. Creamy, crunchy, a little sweet, on toasted bread; it was just the perfect combination of, well, everything.

After I got married, she lovingly shared the recipe with me. I made it a few times exactly to the recipe, but then I started realizing that I had a lot of leftover chicken from dinners, and it was silly to buy canned chicken when I could easily chop up the leftovers instead. Then I started cooking healthier. I have never been a mayonnaise fan, but I’ve conceded that it’s a ‘necessary evil’  – until I learned that Greek yogurt pretty much does the exact same job mayonnaise does, but in a much healthier way.

What makes this recipe special? The apples, grapes, and pecans. I love the apples and pecans for extra crunch – normally celery serves this purpose alone, but it again is one of those things I use semi-reluctantly and that I can’t eat by itself. The grapes add a surprising sweetness. Everything together is just the perfect combination for lunch or dinner. So, here is the recipe for Nana’s chicken salad – adjusted to be a little healthier and a little thriftier!

What We’re Re-Purposing:
Leftovers from Baked Chicken: about 2 cups, chopped

Additional Ingredients:
1 Apple of your favorite variety, finely chopped
1 cup Seedless Red Grapes, cut in half (or in quarters if you prefer)
3/4 cup Chopped (or Diced) Pecans
1 cup Celery, chopped (about one stalk, halved and/or sliced)
1 tsp. Celery Salt
3/4 – 1 cup Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup Fat-Free or Low-Fat Mayonnaise
*Optional: We are using our seasoned baked chicken for this Second Meal, so it will add extra flavor. If your chicken salad tastes bland, add salt, paprika, or pepper to taste.
*You can also add a teaspoon or two of chia seeds for a hidden boost of nutrition!

There is really no secret to preparing this; the secret is in the ingredients. Combine all of them, and toss to coat. I like to use a fork, because it breaks up the chicken a little and makes it easier to eat. Then simply adjust to taste. Instead of making it in a mixing bowl, I make it directly in a tupperware container for easy storage and less dishes. 😉 Many of these ingredients we keep in our house anyway, so it’s easy to add more of anything as you like. Here’s what mine looks like, completed:


Another reason this is one if my favorites is because of its versatility: You can eat it straight up with a fork.
You can eat it on toasted bread, like my Nana used to make:


On Toasted Whole Wheat Bread – also great on Whole Grain!

You can serve it on a tortilla, as a wrap:


It’s also great as a lettuce wrap if you want to skip the carbs altogether.

For our meal plan purposes, serve this for dinner with a side of cooked baby carrots. This same night, plan to make your overnight stock using more of the celery from this recipe. When you cook your carrots, simmer them in water with a little salt until they reach a desired done-ness. But DON’T DRAIN THAT WATER! I’ve always been conflicted about pouring that water down the drain; with carrots and spinach, cooking in water is healthy, but many of the nutrients leach out into that cooking water, and some of the nutrients go down the drain with it. So this time, drain your water directly into the crock pot, and that will give us a little extra boost for our overnight stock!

Don't throw away this nutrient-rich cooking water. Drain into crock pot for our overnight stock instead.

Don’t throw away this nutrient-rich cooking water. Drain into crock pot for our overnight stock instead.

To save time, I had the crock pot ready to go while I was preparing the chicken salad. While I had the cutting board out, I prepped some of the veggies for the stock and tossed them into the crock pot. Most of them are root veggies and won’t be negatively effected if they sit for an hour while you eat dinner. The stock can cook for 10+ hours. Mine cooked for about 12 this last time and turned out great. I’ll post the full details tomorrow!

Hope you’re enjoying the meal plan so far, and especially this chicken salad, which has such a special place in my heart. ❤