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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennifer J. Muscat says:

    Cassie, I read your blog all the time! Keep it up. It is so cute! I can definitely relate. I remember a lot of the moments you write about. I would like to tell you that everything falls into place at the end of the day. The kids and husband will love you no matter how crazy your day goes. The good moments always seem to outweigh the bad and try not to aspire to be the “perfect” wife and mother. Just a good wife and mom will do. Life does not get easier as the kids get older. Half the time my house looks like a bomb went off and I pray none of our friends drop by because I have all I can manage with what’s for dinner, homework, errands etc!!! My mom assures me every great mom goes through this. I always say to myself when things get crazy, God gives us what we can handle. We handle what He gives us. When things go wrong you gotta just give it to God and hope for the best. Today’s blog was funny, the article you read about the SAHM. I have had so many days like that. When the kids get older, and they are all in school from 8-3. You will be surprised how much you miss the days when they were little. As kids get older they get more independent and don’t need you so much. You almost go from being needed all the time to being needed hardly ever! Then you want to help and be there for them and they want you to. You back off because they think they can do it all on their own. Sienna is practically a preteen. She still needs me for important things and still loves and snuggles with me. But, the time when she is at school is hard because I miss her. I miss doing things for her. I have a feeling you will go through this too! So enjoy them while they are home. Time flies and soon they will be grown. They will still love and adore you but it’s almost like your identity changes as they grow. Have a good night! See you at Thanksgiving!


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