Guilt-free Brownies

A couple months ago my mom found out that despite her healthy lifestyle, she had about 90% blockage in one of her arteries. Long story short, she had surgery to place a coil in said artery to keep it open. Her high cholesterol is simply a result of ‘bad genes’ (my grandpa – her dad – had triple bypass surgery when he was 48). So, we all began looking for ways to eat and live in a way that DECREASES cholesterol.

Enter, BEANS!

My food nemesis for most of my life.

I’ve disliked them for as long as I can remember. The past couple years I’ve become more open to them if in the right setting. Chick peas in a salad. Flavored hummus. Black beans in a Mexican salad. Kidney beans in chili. I had yet to try black beans in baking, however.

Until now.

Well, yesterday to be exact.

I tried making baked black beans (from a bag of dry beans) with Easter dinner. I failed. Followed directions but they still weren’t cooked. So I served frozen steamed veggies instead, and cooked the beans and saved them in the fridge. TO TRY THIS!

Here is the original recipe I pulled from. There are tons of recipes online – all you have to do is google it or search Pinterest. Next time I will probably try this recipe.

What changes did I make? I used vegetable oil instead of coconut. I also added 10 drops Wild Orange essential oil to offset any weird taste from the black beans.


How are they? Well, the flavor is delicious (you can’t taste the beans). The texture however is not my favorite. They’re a little too dry for my taste. My solution? Top it with some homemade whipped cream of course! (Because homemade whipped cream seriously makes everything better.)


What will I do differently next time? Try the Greek yogurt recipe, because it has less eggs (did you know that the more eggs you add, the ‘cake-ier’ your baked good will be?), and I think the melted chocolate helps the consistency. I like me a fudgy brownie! Like the kind that tastes like flourless chocolate cake. Because that’s my favorite. My weakness. I’ll still add the wild orange, because it’s just amazing. And I’ll probably still top it with homemade whipped cream, because you can ALSO add a few drops of wild orange oil to the whipped cream. It’s stinkin’ amazing. (Try it, and then dip some strawberries in it. Then experience a party in your happy mouth.) I will also add the chocolate chips INTO the batter. It’s just better that way, with chocolate chips in almost every bite. YUM!


I’m loyal to one specific essential oil company, because I’ve found their purity stands far above the rest, and their educational support is second to none. To learn which one is my favorite, use my contact form and I’ll reply with details.

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