Challenge for 2015

Is it just me, or when you open your eyes on January 1st every year, are you inundated with groups, people, commercials that want you to participate in their new challenge?
Weight Loss Challenge
Klove’s 30 Day Challenge
PMA Challenge
Pay it Forward Challenge
Do Something Challenge

Well add mine to the list.

I have had Psalm 37:4 on my fridge for over 5 years now. I wrote it on the front of an envelope with red marker. It has moved with us 3 times and I always replace it where I can see it daily.


This is God, promising you that if you take delight in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart.

What does this mean?

For me, it has meant that no matter what is going on, I find joy in just remembering God. In knowing Him, and trusting Him. Just a little mental nod. “Hey God, I know you’re there, thanks for being here with me.” Maybe a quick thank you that you are rich enough to have dishes to wash.Β It’s like Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “Do Everything”. As big or as little a task you may be currently completing, do it unto the Lord, with a joyful heart. Not only does it make the time go faster (really!), but when you live your life this way, God rewards you – sometimes when you least expect it.

I’ve tried (and failed at times too) to continuously lift up my thoughts, actions, & words, to Him. I’ve seen little rewards along the way. But now, after 5+ years of keeping this a constant, I’ve realized that He also gives you the desires that you haven’t even lifted up to Him in formal prayer. He sees you. He knows you.

The truth is, HE delights in US.

So when we choose to take delight in Him, He blesses us abundantly for it! He will do an Ephesians 3:20 work in your life. God doesn’t play in the little leagues. He loves to show Himself STRONG. All He asks is that we delight in Him and wait on Him.

So join me in a challenge this year, to take delight in Him. Start with just finding one thing every day to remember Him in, and each day increase it just a little bit. Remember Him in everything you do, and just wait and see what He does. And then come tell me about it, because I know it will change your life! I can’t wait to see what He will do in your heart!
If you’re in, comment below with your name and email address!

Read Psalm 37 in its entirety here. You will be blessed!



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