Homemade Sugar Scrubs

Let me set this up by saying: last year I was searching Pinterest for something and came across recipes for homemade sugar scrubs. I laughed when I read the recipe. “Like I have time for THAT right now!” I didn’t know what essential oils were, or where to get them, or how to use them.

Fast forward: since my mom and I decided to give them a try in an effort to improve our health this fall, I realized I actually had the ingredients on hand to make a homemade sugar scrub! After I tried it once I was hooked. Not obsessed – just hooked. It’s so easy and affordable when you have the OHI. For me the only one that had been previously missing, really, was essential oils.

The basic ingredients for a scrub are:
Sugar (white or brown, or both)
Oil (grapeseed works well, or fractionated coconut, or melted coconut…)
Essential Oils (whatever type fits your need or desired scent)

That’s it! You mix the ingredients together and BAM – instant, all-natural, affordable spa product.

While shopping for the ingredients, I took pictures of the prices (gathered at Meijer) so you can see how really affordable this is.





You can get fancier with the ingredients if you want, but I just use basic stuff, and they still turn out great.

This year I knew I wanted to make them as gifts for the teachers and other important people in my life. Here are a few pictures of what I made:

Several scrubs I've made, and a body butter using coconut oil and shea butter.

Several scrubs I made, and a body butter using coconut oil and shea butter.





This one was gifted to Aubrey’s dance instructor! My favorite title πŸ™‚



Label for “Ballerina Body Butter”


I got all the different patterned cardstock and patterned washi tape from Oriental Trading and used colored fine-tip Sharpies to write. The labels on the actual glass of each jar were purchased in a package at Meijer as well. These are 4 oz Mason jars. I got a dozen of them for around $8.50.

Eventually I’ll post the recipes for all of them. Here are the combos I’ve made so far:
Calming, Cleansing Sugar Scrub (Protective Blend, Lavender & Peppermint)
Peppermint Latte (Peppermint oil & coffee)
Green Tea Citrus (green tea leaves, lemon, wild orange)
Citrus Joy (Holiday Blend, Wild Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Protective Blend)
Spa Facial (Frankincense, Melaleuca, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint)

I’m loyal to one specific essential oil company, because I’ve found their purity stands far above the rest, and their educational support is second to none. To learn which one is my favorite, use myΒ contactΒ form and I’ll reply with details.

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