Coming Soon: Rational VS Irrational Fear


You probably can’t read my chicken scratch because I was writing so quickly so I wouldn’t forget anything… but I just had an awesome God moment. In the Bible God tells us to write wisdom (the Word) on our hearts, because then when we need it, it suddenly flows out. I somehow gave a very good (short) little sermon to Aubrey about rational VS irrational fears, and how we don’t even need to be afraid if our fears are rational. I have no explanation as to where this came from except from the Holy Spirit. God is awesome in so many ways. I promise a post soon in greater detail, but right now this momma needs to rest πŸ˜‰

All you other mommas, if you need encouragement tonight, remember Galatians 6:9: Do not grow weary in well- doing, for in due time you shall reap a harvest if you faint not.
Keep studying the Word! When you need it, the Holy Spirit will call it up for you and you will find yourself giving a little mini-sermon. Then you’ll bless His name for allowing you to be a vessel, and for honoring you with motherhood. β™‘


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