Stuffed Cocktail Peppers

Today I needed something for late lunch/early dinner before work. I’m trying to eat more veggies, and usually I do that by adding them into an egg scramble or into a pasta. But I wanted to try something different. In the past I’ve done stuffed Portobello mushrooms, but didn’t have any of those. So I scoured my fridge, pulled out a bunch of veggies, and suddenly had an idea. When I was at my mom’s this past weekend she let me try some homemade stuffed peppers – the mini cocktail kind – that she stuffed with soft brie cheese and refrigerated. Also, I’m slowly becoming obsessed with goat cheese… it’s so creamy and velvety! So here’s what I did!

Preheat your oven to 375ΒΊ. Cut the stems/tops off cocktail bell peppers. Scrape the inside to remove any white veins and any seeds. Set aside.

Heat a pat of butter over medium-low heat; add chopped onion and diced mushroom. Stir/toss. Add a tablespoon or so of parmesan cheese and stir; I just used the powdery Kraft kind in the green container. Saute for a few minutes, then add diced garlic and quartered grape tomatoes. Remove from heat when all veggies are soft and it’s aromatic (3-4 minutes).

Scrape veggies into a bowl. While they’re still hot, add about 1/8 cup goat cheese. It will melt and become very creamy… it will look like this:

Stuffing mixture!

Stuffing mixture!

*if you don’t have goat cheese and/or don’t want to spend extra money on it, you can substitute cream cheese (I suppose…) πŸ˜‰

Now take a spoon and stuff that stuffing into a pepper! If it is bent or deformed a little, squeeze it to reshape and open it up a bit. Be sure you’re applying enough pressure to get out any air bubbles that may occur from stuffing (you will probably hear a little ‘puff’ each time).



I was only making 7, so I put them in a ramekin to ensure they all stood up straight. I placed the ramekin on a sheet pan and baked for 9 minutes or so in the oven, until the tops were beginning to brown and the peppers had softened just a bit.

Let them cool for at least 5 minutes. You can eat them right away, or wait 5-10 minutes more for them to be easy to handle.

Let me mention that I was on borrowed time, getting ready for work before picking up A from school. This maybe took me a total of 20 minutes, because the onion was already chopped in a bag in my fridge. While the peppers were in the oven, I did all the dishes in the sink that needed to be hand-washed, and a few other things around the kitchen.

They were pretty flavorful and would be a really fun appetizer for a gathering. They’re super easy finger foods, and look pretty displayed in the ramekin. I know it’s not SUPER healthy because of the cheese, but at least there were a lot of veggies in it. πŸ™‚ I believe I got the bag of peppers in one of those “10 for 10, get the 11th free” sales at Meijer – and considering I had all these ingredients in my OHI, it was really affordable. It would be fun to make a bunch of these.

I also had some stuffing left, so I saved it in a bowl in the fridge. The next morning I scrambled a few eggs with it – delish!

Next time I’ll try adding paprika and maybe a bit of onion powder to the stuffing – or maybe even red pepper flakes for extra spice! πŸ˜‰

Give it a try and let me know what you think!
What would you add to the stuffing mixture?


Mini-stuffed Peppers


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Cocktail Peppers

  1. Regina Muscat says:

    Looks delish. I just made my own variety on Sunday too! I took several of those little red peppers from the olive bar all the stores have now, bought some creamy brie and stuffed them with it. Costco sells an olive tray during the holidays with something similar but I can’t find them the rest of the year and really had a taste for them . Funny how we both did similar thing only days apart!

    Regina Muscat (847)361-7475


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