Quick Tip: Fluffy scrambled eggs

Have you ever made scrambled eggs that turn out chewy and dry?

When I first made scrambled eggs on my own I couldn’t figure out what the problem was – until I went over to my mom’s and had hers.
“How do you make these so fluffy?!” I’m sure I was a little bit frustrated.

Until she told me the trick: a little milk beaten in with the eggs. Now I never make them without milk.

Eggs also need to be seasoned.  I leave out the black pepper because I’m not a big fan of it in EVERYTHING – but some form of salt is necessary. My preferred method is parmesan cheese.  I use it to season a lot of things; abd I heard Alton Brown say that parmesan IS, in fact, a seasoning, so I’m sticking with it 😉

Start with the parmesan at the bottom of the bowl (otherwise it just lays on top and isn’t properly incorporated), crack your eggs into it, then add a splash of milk. I use 1 or 2%. Skim is too watery and anything heavier detracts from the flavor of your eggs.


My morning egg mixture: parmesan cheese, 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, and a splash or two of milk

I always use a fork to beat the eggs unless I’m making a double or triple batch… then use a whisk!

Next time you make eggs, try them this way. They add great flavor and a light texture to omelettes or veggie scrambles!


Veggie scramble with spinach, onions, yellow pepper, grape tomatoes, and baby Bella mushrooms. And cheese. Lots of cheese 😉


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