Proof I’m still alive

Well hello there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to really flesh out a post or write out a recipe,  and as I believe anything worth doing is worth doing right and well, I’ve forgone posting any half-butted attempts at posts due to our suddenly busy summer. I’ll share more details later, but here are a few bullet points to explain my absence:
– A had her dance recital (and dress rehearsal, and pictures…etc)



– The Hubs changed work schedules (again)
– I got a new job (yay!) which required serious studying and attention
– C turned two which meant BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!
– We’ve been preparing for my brother – in -law’s wedding which is now only a week away!

But I have still been learning and cooking.

Here’s proof from today!
I made crepes for breakfast, complete with homemade blueberry syrup.


I made my favorite kind of fruit salad: melon!

I made a really yummy fresh herb/modified caprese salad:


So stay tuned for some recipes after next week (when I hope life will be calmer)!


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