Adult Ice Cream Sundae

Raspberries were on sale for $1 this week, so we got 5 containers. I opened my freezer last night and saw that my  parents must’ve left ice cream when they babysat last night – Breyers Vanilla. It’s kind of a weakness of mine! I immediately thought of the Bailey’s I have in the back of my fridge and a sundae I made one time with Bailey’s “Hint of Mint”.

So I started thinking… and made a really yummy adults – only sundae!

I originally envisioned drizzling the Bailey’s, then a fresh, red raspberry sauce drizzled over the ice cream, and some chocolate chips. But when I was making the raspberry ‘sauce’ I had another idea… ***I added it spontaneously, so I’m adjusting the recipe from exactly how I did it…***

First preheat a small skillet or saucepan over medium heat.  Melt a little pat of butter, then add your raspberries – I probably used about 10. This is a GREAT way to use any of those raspberries that are a little mushy.  Roll the raspberries around a bit in the butter, then add a couple splashes of Peach Schnapps – I’d say more than a teaspoon but less than a tablespoon. Let it simmer until the juices have turned pink/red. Now add some chocolate chips and simmer for a minute or so until the chips melt. Roll the raspberries in that sauce until they are covered in it. Turn off the heat.

Scoop your ice cream into a bowl (I used 3 scoops!) and drizzle a bit of Bailey’s over it. Then, using a spatula to get all the sauce off the pan, pour the chocolate raspberry sauce over the ice cream and add a few chocolate chips for texture.
Eat immediately, because that sauce will melt the ice cream quickly! It was REALLY good!

Here’s another variation I’m going to try:
– Use vanilla Greek frozen yogurt, omit the chocolate chips and add another berry (blueberry or strawberry) to the sauce

Here’s how I made the Adult Thin Mint sundae:
– Drizzle some Bailey’s Hint of Mint over Breyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream, and crush some Thin Mint girl scout cookies over top. (Yeah. It’s good.)

My last tip is, wait until after the kids are in bed to enjoy these treats!


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