The Best Eye Makeup Product – Working Moms and Date Nights!

I am really starting to like the brand E.L.F. They are so cheap it’s ridiculous, but their products are super reliable; They work so well! And I think I’ve found a new favorite product. You know how magazines always have articles interviewing celebrities: “What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without?” Well I found mine.

When I was shopping for yet another awesome product of theirs (which I had used so much I went through it pretty quickly – review to come!), I found this gem for only $2!!


E.L.F. Eyelid Primer

I figured, Eh, I’ll give it a try. If it doesn’t work, well it’s only $2.

Here’s proof I didn’t waste my money…
I’ve used this the past two nights before going to work.  Last night I worked 6 hours, and tonight about 6 1/2. Tonight I was working a banquet; I was running up and down the stairs to the kitchen and bar, serving a room full of adults and packed with jazz students doing a performance. When they all left we had to move these tall cocktail pub tables upstairs, put away a 5 piece makeshift “stage” (it’s really just heavy wood with thin carpeting stapled to it), and reset for the next night’s banquet.  I won’t sugar-coat it: There was sweat involved. 😉

But here are my eyes after that long and tiring 6 hour shift:


Barely even a smudge!



I mean,  REALLY! Not even any smudgy black shots below the eyes?! (I did put a thin layer of it underneath my lower lids.) It pretty much looks exactly perfect, the same way it did when I left the house.

The color said “pearl”, so there must be more than one color, but I like this one.  I usually prime my eyes with concealer and powder foundation already, and lately I’ve been putting a layer of off-white over my eyelids too, just to even everything out and start with a clean slate. This pearl color is exactly that: a pearly white.

When you open it, it almost looks like a lip gloss wand.

Just use that to apply all over your eyelids up to your brow. Apply makeup as usual. Now I still did my concealer and a little powder, then used this. I used Almay eyeshadow, and the E.L.F. eyeliner pen in cocoa.

Then go work, or play, or maybe even swim – I believe in this stuff!

If you’re going to a wedding or special occasion, or if you just want to look good for the hubs tonight, grab you up some of this magic and fret not about your looks melting away 😉


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