Red Raspberry Scones, Whipped Butter, & Tea Pairings

I’ve stopped buying pre-made mixes, because generally I can make things from scratch cheaper, and I like that I know exactly what ingredients I’ve put into it. But every once in awhile I will still use them, when I want something quick and want to use less dishes! I got this as a birthday gift from my sister- and brother-in-law (along with lots of loose-leaf teas and jam) and decided to make them this a few mornings ago:


I’m so glad I did. Scones are one of those things I haven’t quite mastered yet; I think it takes some time to develop the best recipe. The couple times I made them homemade, they were more work than they were worth: super sticky batter, hard to work with, fairly flavorless, and more dense than fluffy.
But this mix!!
If you’re having scones, you need at least two other things: whipped butter and jam.


I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this, but whipped butter is just butter, whipped up. So I made some freshly whipped butter and brought out this jam: Raspberry Peach Champagne.
These were soft and fluffy on the inside with a lightly browned crunchy outside.


The flavor is light and fresh too. Just perfect with a little whipped butter on top, and for a little extra zing, the jam.

with butter...

with butter…

with jam!

with jam!

But no scone meal would be complete without tea! I usually drink black tea in the mornings, but I had all this tea for my birthday too, and I had to try some. I figured the best pairing would be the Cherry Blossom Green Tea.

I was right. It was light and flowery. Not too sweet, just a hint of fruity flavor.

What are some of your favorite breakfast pairings?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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