“Megachurch” Changed Me

My very favorite sister in Christ to learn from has written this article:
She’s Not a Megachurch…

I suppose you could say I’m a “Megachurch Opponent Reformed” —– actually more like TRANSformed. I remember hearing the church I currently attend described as a cult. A cult is something that draws you away from God.  This church is the exact opposite. I remember not understanding it – how can a church look like an airport, serve food, have a bookstore, and a coffee shop?

I’m not going to defend what it is, except to say that they are doing something right, because the point of the former article was kind of NOT to. And though I’ve only been consistently attending for 3 1/2 years, it feels like more.  I live learning about the church’s history (struggles and victories).  It is like hearing a new-ish friend’s testimony.

What I can tell you is worshipping among that many believers is powerful.  It is powerful to be part of something that big while still feeling a powerful personal connection.

What I can tell you is seeing all that my church is able to do because of the generosity, obedience, and faithfulness of believers helps me to see that God is still very much alive and working, in churches across the nation and across the globe.  Hearing news every week of international churches being formed and hungry pastors being taught does not make me feel lost; it makes me feel excited and hopeful. And amazed at what God is doing.

What I can tell you is I am taught very practical, relevant, inspirational, motivational messages, not only by our very honest senior pastor and staff, but by sought-after Christian experts from all over the country who challenge me to come up higher. 

What I can tell you is it gives me hope and joy that we are supporting and supported by great church leaders from across the country – oftentimes from different denominations.

Because church, we are all sisters. We are all family.

And as Shauna so eloquently makes clear, the church is not perfect,  but it IS redeemed – just like you and me.


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