What are you waiting for?

I recently found out about a  community called “She Reads Truth”, which encourages women to read the Word and share how it’s changing them. This is exciting, I thought, right up my alley!
Last week they started an experiment of choosing one chapter of the Bible and She Reads Truth Psalm 130. That chapter was Psalm 130.

What stuck out to me most was Psalm 130:5. It reads, I wait for the Lord , my soul waits, And in His word I do hope.

A few years ago, we were in a transition period.  We were planning and getting ready to buy our first home, but we weren’t in any kind of rush – we were correcting our credit, saving for a down payment, and trying to find  something we liked in the area we wanted.  If you’ve bought a house, you know how it is: having a ‘must have’ list, a ‘want’ list, maybe a ‘do not want’ list. You have requirements, but during your search you end up adjusting and refining those lists based on location,  budget, amenities, etc. At the time, we had flexible landlords and were renting a house for an incredibly affordable monthly rate. We were taking our time because we didn’t have a time limit.

That is, until I became unexpectedly pregnant with our 3rd child.

Now we were in a crunch: we would be hard pressed to fit another baby in this house. So we increased the urgency of our search.

After viewing many properties, we came to one that was a little outside our budget but in a great neighborhood. I remember asking the hubs if he even wanted to walk through this one; the pictures made the layout look a little strange. We figured we might as well – what could it hurt?

We ended up loving the house. It was much bigger than it looked from the outside; there were a lot of nice updates and stylistic details; it had a fenced backyard; there was room to grow. We found ourselves talking about what we could do with the basement space when the kids were middle school age.
Just like my current pregnancy, it was unexpected and surprising in the best way.

Long story short, we chose to put an offer on the house, which was a short sale. If you don’t know what a short sale is, it’s when the bank agrees to sell the house for less than what’s owed on the mortgage.  They do this in an attempt to sell without foreclosing on the property. It’s better for the seller and the bank. However, it can be more stressful for the buyer as they have to wait on approval from not only the seller, but also the bank – and if there are more than one institution involved in the loan (i.e. refinancing through a second bank), it can take even longer. We were told the average time was anywhere between 30-90 days, but it could be longer if there were complications. 

We put an offer in in March. My due date was June 26. Part of the reason we chose this house was because we still needed a few months to save, so we were hoping by the time everything was approved and accepted, we would have all our ducks in a neat little row. We took a risk, because if everything was completed in 30 days, we would not have been ready. But it was a risk we were willing to take. We just prayed over it and had faith it would work out.

It was in this waiting period that I found Psalm 130:5 and posted it on our bedroom wall. I knew that if I fretted about the banks, worried about the seller, agonized over budget and down payment details, I could be blocking whatever blessing(s) God wanted for us.  So every morning I looked at that verse and reminded myself, “my soul waits silently on God ALONE.” My trust was in HIM – not in the bank, or our finances, or even our realtor or loan officer, as awesome as they were. I was placing my faith in Him, and His Word says “they shall not be shamed” (Romans 10:11) and His “Word shall not return void, but accomplish [His] purposes.” (Isaiah 55:11)

As a result, God did these things for us:
1. When we made the original offer, the SELLER’S realtor not only accepted our offer, but suggested we come in lower than asking price. (Who does that?!)
2. We closed on the house June 18. Just enough time to do some painting and move in before my due date.
3. Instead of owing the amount we thought we would at closing, we owed much less. I still don’t understand what happened, except that God worked a little miracle.
4. Because of that, we were able to purchase a much needed larger car (3 kids under 5 = 3 carseats… not really possible in a sedan!)
5. C was actually 5 days past due date, so we had extra time to get settled before she arrived. (By the way, her birth story was another show of God’s strength and faithfulness – for another time of course.)

So… I believe that focusing on waiting on HIM and trusting Him allowed His blessings to pour out and overflow. I bought a key hook fit our entry way that has this verse on it: John 1:16 – “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.” It perfectly described what God did for us, along with Ephesians 3:20 (I like the Amplified version best! ).

Psalm 130 reminds me that I need forgiveness – but I don’t have to be perfect to receive God’s blessings. All I need to do is wait on Him alone.

So what are YOU waiting on?!?

Thank you to the ladies at #SheReadsTruth for following through with this great experiment!


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