Preoccupied with Pox

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with pox.

Okay, not really pox, but I liked the alliteration.

I wanted to offer an update as to what’s going on in our home, as it’s prevented me from posting anything for the past week.

Two Fridays ago, I took our 19mos old,Β  C, to the doc for a terrible cough/cold. She was prescribed amoxicillin for an ear infection, which we started that afternoon. Exactly one week later, she woke up with a pink dotty rash all over her body and swollen lips.



Originally the doc didn’t think they could fit her in, so recommended stopping amoxicillin and starting benadryl.


Trying a baking soda bath

The benadryl seemed to help for a few hours, until it suddenly flared up, presenting bigger red dots covering more surface area. C is a “mouth breather” so it was hard to tell if she was breathing normally or was a little strained.


Regardless I immediately called the doctor back and they squeezed me in. By the time we got to their office and into a room, it was the worst it had been yet.



I was told it was not an allergic reaction but a side effect of the amoxicillin. Since she was breathing fine, didn’t have hives, and wasn’t itchy, they weren’t concerned and said it could take up to 3-4 days to disappear.
Well, on Saturday she started itching and it only looked worse. It was now bright red raised patches.  I called the on call doctor (different from whom we saw Friday) and he said he usually tells people up to 5 days for it to completely leave the system.

Hello Tuesday… While the raised red patches were now gone, the red dots were still covering het body – especially her face.  By Tuesday night her legs were also swollen.
Did I mention she has had trouble sleeping this whole time? Every night she wakes up at least 2 times, the second of which is usually the more difficult to get her back to sleep. It’s taken anywhere from 1-2 hours every night. (I’m hoping at this point, that by the time this is over, she will be so relieved to not be itchy or irritated that sleeping through the night will be a breeze! )

I did bring her back to the doctor, who said that we will definitely not do amoxicillin anymore – but it still looks like it’s going away. He recommended keeping her on Benadryl and waiting a few more days. He said she is not displaying any symptoms of serious reactionary syndromes, and showing no signs of internal distress. This did make me fell much better.

So, for now, we will keep up with the Benadryl when she’s itchy, and probiotics as often as allowed.

Thank you to all who have been praying!

And thank you for being patient while I care for my baby.  I’ve got some exciting recipes to share as soon as I have time to post them!


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