Quick Tip – Easy Lint removal

We have a front-loading clothes dryer, and the lint trap is on the top of our machine. I quickly learned that every time I removed it to empty the lint, I got a dusty mess all over the top of my dryer. This mess is also difficult to get up because a dry paper towel or cloth just pushes it around and it ends up on the floor. A wet wipe or cloth does pretty much the same thing, except it forces the lint particles together into a condensed mess. A Swiffer duster works fine, but I don’t like the idea of wasting a duster sheet every day just on lint. (They’re a little pricey, even when you are couponing!)

One day, by accident, I found a solution!

Using a dried out baby wipe, I wiped over the surface of the dryer and… voila! All the lint stuck to the dry wipe and I had a clean dryer.


You see? Baby wipes really are good for everything!


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