Quick Tip – Mince Garlic

A quick tip today to prep for tomorrow’s recipe!

Remember where I came from as a cook – not knowing how to cook pasta. Somehow I knew how to mince garlic, but I did have to google it the first time I did it to be sure I wasn’t just making it up.

Hence, how to mince garlic:

1. Start with one garlic clove and a clean cutting board. Remove the skin from the garlic clove by placing your knife horizontally above the garlic. Rest it there gently. Use the heel of your palm to slam the knife down.
When you move the knife away, the skin should be broken and easily peeled away. (If it’s not, try smashing it again.)

2. I always cut off the very bottom tip of the clove.

3. Slice the garlic thinly – horizontally first.

4. Now slice in the opposite direction. Continue gathering the garlic into a tightly condensed pile and cutting until the pieces are very small.

5. Here comes the mincing part. Hold your knife at an angle over your now finely chopped garlic. Firmly press the blade down over the garlic. I find it’s easiest to do if you first condense into a tight pile again. Then start at one side and move across to the other, repeating as necessary. (You’re basically smashing the garlic to release the oils.)

And voila! You have now minced garlic!


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