{Parenting} A beautiful Mommy moment!

{We are His Daughters}

By: Mandy Hill

My son Benjamin was home sick from school today; feverish and heavy on the side of sensitivity. His younger sister Sophia was also home today- recouping from a few days of fever herself. We were sitting at the kitchen table, eating our lunch when an all-too-familiar sibling banter began.


Short-lived, the argument ended with my daughter telling my son that he was ‘rude.’ Not feeling well, this discouragement sent him into a quick state of sadness. He came to me with those big green eyes and cried his little heart out to me. “Mommy, Sophia said I was rude.”

It was thankfully one of those divine moments where God completely took over the words that came out of my mouth. “Ben” I said, “do you really feel like you were being rude to your sister?”

“No!” He sobbed.

“Then don’t let her tell you that you are!…

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