Lotsa coffee weekend

I’m going to need lots of coffee this weekend.

Yesterday the kids got up at 5:30ish. We usually wake up at 6:45-7.  Took A to school, came home and had breakfast, cleaned up the basement in preparation for A&B’s birthday party Sunday. Did some laundry, worked on Honest Mom feature 2 (It was almost done until I bumped the power button on the keyboard and turned it off – WHY IS THERE A POWER BUTTON SO CLOSE TO THE ENTER BUTTON?!). Picked A up from school, put C down for a nap, lunch for the kids, Papa brought doughnuts over, more cleaning, lunch for me. A played on the computer when she was done with her cleaning.

Here’s another great story. Only A was downstairs, and I had just got out a few dollhouse toys for B&C. They were playing all nicely so I figured, good time to switch the laundry. I go downstairs to do just that and while I’m down there I folded a few blankets. It took 7 minutes TOPS. I come upstairs to see a doughnut box in the chair, and B&C under the kitchen table stuffing doughnuts in their mouths. C was actually double fisting it with a blueberry and a double chocolate one. This after I had cleaned the floor – doughnut crumbs all over. And after C’s adventure with water earlier. These two are like Bonnie and Clyde or something.

I got ready for work, made dinner, tried to keep cleaning as I went. Worked at 5, and didn’t get done until 11. Came home and chatted with the hubs, ate my dinner finally, showered, and attempted to finish the last 2 pages of a book (The Giver, yeah!). Fell asleep on the couch until the hubs came upstairs. Went to bed, close to 1AM.

Today the kids decided to wake up at 5am. Really?!?! I just kept putting on Mickey and trying to get a few more winks, until about 6:30 when the hubs got out of the shower.

Now I must get the kids ready to go to breakfast with their Nonni and Papa, while I get ready for our work meeting. I will then run to Jewel for some last minute party stuff,  come home to clean, prep food for tomorrow, wrap some gifts (for the kids and for some church friends), iron the hubs’ pants for Daddy Daughter dance, among other things.

Make dinner (oh crap I forgot to defrost the chicken!!!), get A ready for the dance, give the kids a bath, get them in bed, heck, maybe I’ll get to go to sleep early….

Tomorrow morning is church, and then coming home to cook cook cook. Give the kids lunch, and the party is at 2! I’m just hoping I won’t be exhausted on the floor by then – but I’ll keep you posted. 😉

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