An Honest Mom Interruption

Since I’m focusing on honesty, here’s a story for you…

I run downstairs to put in a load of laundry. A is at school. B&C are playing nicely on the LeapPad. I come back up to make B some eggs and wonder why I keep stepping in wet spots.

Here’s why:


This little one decided to get herself some water and spilled it ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. (and herself)


These things always seem to happen when we are least expecting them… or if we’re in a hurry… or possibly when we’re trying to clean the house for a party. (Yep, that last one is the case today.)

They say “don’t cry over spilt milk.” (Or in our case water, which is much less a big deal) – but I found an even better approach: I saw a meme on Facebook in which a mom was admitting she used the water on the bathroom floor after a bath to “clean” the floor.

…Sounds like a plan. 😉

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
Or… When life hands you a puddle on the floor, wash it 😉


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