Product Review – Ice Cream Magic!


My mom picked up these great individual ice cream makers for the kids a few weeks ago. A and I were both excited as she had seen then in a commercial and I have wanted an Ice cream maker for some time now.

So I opened the boxes and read the directions, and realized we really only had ingredients for vanilla ice cream – not that that’s a bad thing. So I set to work making fresh, individual ice cream.

And when I say work, I mean it!
CON: Each one had to be shaken continuously for 3 minutes until the ice cream was solid.
PRO: All that workout makes you feel less guilty for eating the end product (even though I only had a few bites).

CON: It really is an individual serving. It’s probably only a 1/2 cup.
PRO: it’s only half a cup. Built in portion control!

CON: You need a lot to make a little. Each one required 3tablespoons salt! (This is not actually IN the ice cream- it’s under the ice cream, with the ice.)
PRO: You can control your ingredients. I didn’t have heavy cream, so I used half & half instead. It still turned out really good – and probably healthier. I used organic vanilla too, and added some chocolate chips (because, well, it’s CHOCOLATE).
There are also lots of recipes for you to try.

PRO: It’s a fun activity with your kids that will create memories!

All in all, I don’t this these are for every day use, but good for a special occasion or when you want to do a craft or activity together. The ice cream rally was delicious, and it was nice to know exactly what ingredients were in the ice cream and that there were no preservatives or anything. It also made me want a full size ice cream maker even more… the possibilities are endless! 🙂


Good till the last drop!




All gone!

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Ice Cream Magic!

  1. Regina Muscat says:

    So cute hun. Im really glad you re enjoying them!  Hmmmm, I think someone has a bday in a couple months so just might have an idea for her gift.   Regina Muscat (847)361-7475


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