Old Navy – clothing Deal!

I’ve been waiting to place this order for a little while now – I had some SuperCash saved from Christmas Shopping (started 1/21), a $5 rewards from the new Old Navy card I opened while Christmas shopping, and a 15% off I received when they messed up a previous order this summer (only good until 1/31). Then of course, I shopped clearance and sales to get the BEST BANG FOR MY BUCK!

This is the pre-coupon total:

Screenshot 2014-01-25 10.08.03

Pre-coupon total: $57.28

On their website, if you spend over $50, you get shipping FREE. So actually, shipping would’ve been about $7.50 (Total was $60), but by ensuring my order was over $50, I got that free also.

Next I used the 15% off coupon, the $5 Rewards, and the SuperCash… here was my grand total:

Screenshot 2014-01-25 10.11.18

Post-coupon total: $25.31

I love great deals, don’t you??? πŸ™‚

I received the confirmation email, and love the summary of charges. If you include the free shipping I definitely saved over 50% πŸ™‚


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