$1 E.L.F. Products & Review

I was out of eyeliner. I knew I should at least look when I went to Meijer for groceries, or I might not have time to make a separate trip. I checked all my coupons but didn’t see anything fantastic.

I took a few extra minutes in the cosmetics aisle, and am so glad I did! Instead of paying $6-$10 for an eyeliner, I came across this awesome find. (Well, at the time I was taking a risk as I’d never used these products before, but it paid off.)

There was a small section for E.L.F. products (Eye, Lip, Face) and towards the very bottom there were products for $1!! One was -you guessed it- a sparkly black eyeliner equipped with a sharpener. I usually don’t use real pencils (I like the ones you can turn at the bottom, because they are softer and tend to apply more easily), but again, for $1 I couldn’t pass it up. Right next to that was a $1 eye shadow brush. I guess I didn’t really NEED another brush, but the ones I have are at least 6 years old, so I justified spending an extra dollar on one.

To my surprise they both are great! I love the shape of the eye shadow brush. The eyeliner glides on smoothly and has lasted without smudging so far. Plus I love the shimmer in it, and the ease of use of the sharpener (it’s right there on the cap! Genius).

So, if you need a good product on a budget, I dare you to give these a try 🙂


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