Cold day Activity

Here in the NW suburbs we’ve been experiencing some frigid temperatures. It’s been between -11° and -20°, down to -50° with windchill. We broke a record for coldest temps in decades. All I know is that they cancelled school two days in a row due to the temps, not snow (which we also have plenty of, by the way).

A friend clued me into this article about a mom and son who blew bubbles in the cold, they froze, and they looked beautiful when the light hit them.

I couldn’t find any bubbles yesterday,  but today I did. So this morning I opened the door and blew some out the front door onto the porch. It’s possible I enjoyed it more than the kids did. It was really neat to watch them freeze right before our eyes!




So, if you ever experience these low temps, try this for a fun way to beat the cabin fever!

This idea also looks like fun.

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