Salmon Florentine (Second Meal)

Lately I’ve been doing a lot with this particular combo of veggies: spinach, tomato, onion (& garlic). They blend well together, they’re healthy, they have a pretty good shelf/fridge life, and all ingredients can be used in so many different ways that I’m able to use it up before they do go bad.

So tonight I made Salmon Florentine. Well, my version of a Florentine. I did look up a quick recipe and found one on Food Network, but it used Ricotta cheese which is one of those that has little flavor and equal nutritional value. So I skipped that part and just kind of did my own thing.

I had a hair appointment at 3:00, so about 2:15 I portioned my salmon into fillets, rinsed them to remove whatever scales were left from the butcher (I asked for them to do it this time because I did not want scaly fingernails again!), patted them dry with a paper towel, and placed them in a greased (with BUTTER!) glass baking dish. Sprinkled a little S&P and a little dried thyme, drizzled some Olive Oil, covered and placed in fridge until I got home. I did this early because the olive oil, when absorbed into the salmon, gives it a really nice buttery taste.


Next step, veggies. First preheat oven to 350º and remove salmon from fridge.  I put a very small amount of Olive Oil in a skillet and heated over medium-high. I minced some garlic, chopped some red onion and tomatoes off the vine. I threw the garlic and onion in first, then about 3/4 of a 10oz bag of FRESH! spinach, and the tomatoes on top.


Splashed some Chardonnay in there, maybe twice around the pan. Mixed it all together until the spinach was wilted and the onions were becoming translucent (5-10 minutes). Remove from heat. At the last minute I sprinkled a handful of Italian 4 cheese blend shredded cheese in with the veggies and gave it a toss.

Now, spoon the veggies over top of the salmon filets and drizzle remaining pan juices over salmon. MMMMM-MM! Put in oven for 15 minutes or until salmon is cooked through. The salmon absolutely melts in your mouth, the veggies are the perfect combo of sweet (tomatoes and onion) and herbal (spinach and garlic). Delish! It feels indulgent. And you don’t have to feel guilty eating it!! HOORAY! I served it with salad and some crescent rolls (see below for healthier, way more delicious alternative!)….And for myself, a glass of Riesling. Divine!
A note here: 15 minutes was PERFECT in my oven, but we have electric and it tends to run a little hot. You might need 17ish minutes. Also, I usually grill or sear my salmon. This approach has it looking more like poached salmon than grilled. It will look light pink and solid in color. It will not have any dark caramelization or golden edges, but trust me when I say, IT IS STILL DONE AND DELICIOUS!!!
Also, it is important that you cut the salmon into individual filets. Otherwise, you will have to cook it longer, which will dry out the spinach. Not good.



Sorry it’s such a poor photo; I’ll have to add a better one soon.

Now enjoy an amazing healthy dinner! 🙂 “Eat well without feeling deprived.”  Should this be my new tagline for the blog?!

For other recipes using this veggie combo, see First Meal here , another breakfast here and an additional Second Meal here.

*Update: After my recent ladies weekend in Door County, I switched it up and added a splash of cherry balsamic drizzled over the salmon, after the olive oil and seasonings. Then instead of regular chardonnay, I used some cherry chardonnay. It’s a nice change as we make this every week. Also try a splash or two of wine in the baking dish to create more “sauce”.

What are some of your favorite feel-indulgent-without-feeling-guilty recipes? Do tell!!

Try this with Garlic Parmesan Quinoa – we always do 🙂

I make this so often that usually I call it my happy place:

Prep = Happy

Prep = Happy


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