Today’s ‘meals’

Just to be sure I’m keeping it real here (because if you read my About page, you’ll know I don’t profess to be a Super Mom as I feel it implies a perfect mom), I wanted to let you know what we ate today.

Breakfast: blueberry waffles. I think we had some kind of fruit with it but I can’t remember.

Lunch: apples & peanut butter.
Yep. That’s it. The kids didn’t complain about being hungry after that, so I didn’t force it on them.

Snacks: bananas and granola bars.
Oh yeah. We also had 1 mini candy bar each (Halloween!), and a handful of M&Ms. (Or as my 2 year old calls them, ‘nem enems’)

Dinner: Tacos. I already cooked the ground beef with some seasonings (my own this time, not a seasoning packet!) a day or two ago and just put it in the fridge. This was an AWESOME idea. All I had to do was microwave that baby inside the Tupperware and heat the tortillas on the stove. (I was originally going to reheat the meat in a frying pan, but I couldn’t resist the urge to have less dishes to clean later.) Of course all the toppings. I made guacamole last night, but was distressed to realize after I already cut the avocado open that they were WAY under ripe. So it was more of an avocado salsa than guac (insert sad face here.) Whatever. It was still good. I served grapes on the side, and when our youngest still seemed hungry, I heated up some mac and cheese leftover from last night’s work/cheat dinner. It was unimpressive, but good. Our eldest tried lettuce on her taco for the first time and loved it. (insert happy face here!)

Also. The hubs is getting more serious about weight loss, so I will be sharing some of those adventures here also. Of course it affects me too, as I think a month or two of our weekly sit-on-the-couch, drink beer and eat wings date nights added a little cushion to my middle. Maybe that’s a different post. Yep. But I am excited to share that yesterday I didn’t have ANY caffeine until 1:30 (and even then only a half cup, hooray!) and today I haven’t had ANY!!!!!! What!!! It’s like a new record because I didn’t even miss it. I went to make coffee for the hubs before he went to work at 7pm, and suddenly I realized, have I not had caffeine all day??? I didn’t have my usual tea, and I definitely didn’t make any coffee… It was amazing.

I wonder if the Proverbs 31 woman ever had a day like today…?


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