A Must Read!

I came across this article today and about died laughing. This lady totally nailed it. All the chaos, interruptions, worries about judgmental strangers, crazy solutions that you would never think of unless – until – you were put in that specific situation. This is the essence of being a SAHM. (For those of you that are now clueless, that stands for “Stay At Home Mom”.)
Here’s the link: http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/124135/this_is_what_a_stayathome

If she were to continue describing a day, she might say how the dinner hour is similar to what she described at breakfast. Touching raw chicken while simultaneously trying to break up a fist fight between your kids. Water boiling over on the stove because you had to clean up a spill one of your kids made. Or how in fact, the day is filled with cleaning up, the new messes, then cleaning again, and more new messes…. Then especially how after dinner, we go through the whole bedtime routine, and yes it works most of the time. But sometimes one kid just doesn’t want to stay in bed (“But I want to hang out with you out here” or “I want to cuddle with you”. How do you say no to those things?! It’s HARD, let me tell you.) And THEN, when you finally get – in my case- all 3 kids to bed, you are either SUPER exhausted and ready to drop right there (even though your To Do list is as long as it was this morning), or you start up on that list and get interrupted by a kid waking up to go potty or having a coughing fit or from a bad dream. No, this does not happen EVERY night, but it happens often enough that I now expect it and either do as much as I can as fast as I can, or if I haven’t had any ME time, I might sit down and try to watch my show on DVR (which I’m behind on by like, 4 weeks). Sometimes I’d end up falling asleep anyway. Waking up at 2am in the recliner to a crying baby. Oops! I guess sleeping in my bed alone and actually comfortable tonight isn’t going to happen (the hubs works 3rd shift).

Anyway, I’m sure many moms can relate to the article above. Our life is chaotic, always changing/adjusting/problem-solving, discouraging at times. It is also fun and rewarding. As long as you keep a positive attitude and (as corny as it sounds) believe in yourself, you can do a better job that you expected. Even though we probably look back at the end of the day and only think of the ways we could’ve done better. Sometimes I look at my kids and think, “How did you get SO CUTE!?” And just the cute moments where your 2 year old son talks about himself in the 3rd person as ‘the wizard’ is worth it 🙂


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