Quick Tip of the Day – Pitting an Avocado

Ever wondered the best way to pit and cut an avocado?

1. Make a vertical cut with your knife as far as you can go (to the pit) and rotate the avocado so you make a full circle.
2. With the knife still in the cut, bend it to start separating the two halves. They should easily pull apart from each other at this point.
3. Set aside the half without the pit and hold the other half in your hand. Take your knife and bravely stab the pit. (Usually I do this vertically, but as you can see in the picture the pit was coming apart so I went to Plan B!)

4. Start to tilt the knife with it still inserted in the pit, rotate it fully, and…


5. The pit should come out on your knife blade, completely removed from the avocado.


6. Now, for chopped avocado, carefully cut strips vertically along the avocado all the way down to the skin; then do the same horizontally. You can use a spoon (or even better, a grapefruit spoon) to easily remove from the skin. You can even remove it before cutting if desired.

A great early food for babies as it is soft enough for babies learning to chew, but still has good nutrition!

Read more avocado recipes, benefits of avocado, and more here!


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