Quick Tip of the Day: Natural Healthy Dressing Substitute

The first time I had a customer order lemon wedges with their salad I thought I heard the person wrong.  Like maybe she wanted the lemon for her water. But nope, she wanted lemon wedges for her salad. I watched her to see if she actually ate it this way. I thought it must be a trick.  To my utter disbelief, she didn’t cringe or spit it out but seemed to enjoy the whole thing. This was a few years ago now.

Well I finally tried it awhile ago and it was actually REALLY good. All the moisture and freshness of a vinaigrette but without the sodium or preservatives in a bottled dressing.

So, if you want a fresh and healthy substitute, try it some time. Just a few squeezes of fresh lemon drizzled a few times around your bowl.  Maybe next time I’ll try adding some seasonings to fresh lemon juice to make a “real” dressing. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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