To foodie or not to foodie

Let’s face it:
I’m basically a wannabe foodie.
I was going to say closet foodie, but that implies I sneak around trying trendy food and just don’t want to admit it. I wish that were the case.
Alas, I am a working mommy with young kids and thus, no time for foodie exploits.
Because, I mean, to be a foodie you have to be trying new restaurants and new foods and post reviews on your blog, right?

Um, wait… Am I a foodie??

The fact that I am beyond excited right now to go to a new restaurant for my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow night – does that classify me as a foodie?? I never even used to like Mexican food. Maybe that’s because all I ever tried was nasty mashed refried beans and I thought guacamole was disgusting.  (I know! What the heck was wrong with me??) Mexican food, in my mind back then, dredged up images of wishy washy, mushy, disgustingly soft dishes contrasted by bright colored, out of control decor that seemed to say,  “we know our food is pretty much all in the grey color palate, so we’ve provided you with a bright rainbow of colors for your visual interest.”

It was probably because I never had real, fresh Mexican food.

I don’t know when that changed. When I decided to try guacamole from the restaurant where I work? Maybe when I tried fish tacos expecting to hate them, and realizing they were amazing along with the pico de gallo they were topped with. Maybe when I started realizing Mexican food can be pretty healthy what with all the flavorful vegetables they use, and maybe I should reevaluate my supposed dislike and judgment of the entire umbrella of Mexican food. Or maybe it was when I realized I didn’t have to like enchiladas to like Mexican food. Because Mexican food is more than refried beans, enchiladas, rice, and quesadillas.

Mexican food means some of the best -yet most simple- sauces and dips in existence: guac, pico, tomatillo salsa. It uses peppers and fresh veggies to create outstanding spice and flavor in a healthy way. It is ceviche, carne asada, chilaquiles, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, avocado, tacos with a squeeze of lime, cilantro. So many things I have unexpectedly learned to love, and so many I have yet to try.

But tomorrow we are going to Mago, and all I want is one of everything – please? 😉


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