Quick Tip of the Day: Cutting boards

After we got married, I discovered I had 2 different cutting boards from showers. One was wood and the other was … synthetic plastic? Actually I’m not sure what the actual material is. You probably would if you saw it 🙂 I thought to myself, why would anyone need more than one? The only thing I NEVER did was put raw meat on the wood one, because I figured the juices would Get absorbed into the board and,  Hellooo, sanitation nightmare!

Fast forward a few years. I believe I was watching Alton Brown’s show “Good Eats” when he talked about having separate cutting boards for separate uses. One should be designated ONLY for raw meats, and another for produce. What a great idea! So now I had a designated purpose for each of my cutting boards.
But then I realized if I was only cutting up a few strawberries or an apple, it was super inconvenient to have to wash my huge wood board.  So I went and bought a small one for cutting fruit and designated my large wood one for veggies. Bonus: my strawberries no longer taste like onion 😉



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