Quick Tip of the day

Quick tip for today is,

Eat potato skins with buffalo sauce!!!

Every Monday at the restaurant is $.50 potato skins. Guess what most of us employees eat? You got it. And plain potato skins, no matter how delicious, get old pretty quick when you’re eating them every week. We’ve tried many different things to spruce them up… Extra cheese. Pico de gallo instead of plain diced tomatoes. Tabasco sauce. SRIRACHA! Until! One period where I was just on a buffalo sauce kick. I wanted it on everything… wraps, meat, chicken, pork, scrambled eggs – whatever I was eating I was craving buffalo (and no, I am NOT/was NOT pregnant. Sorry father-in-law 😉 . And suddenly I thought, why not? I tried it and… it was GLORIOUS. Alright, I’m going to take a little credit here, but pretty much all the employees order their potato skins with a side of buffalo sauce now. And when you combine the buffalo sauce with some sour cream… It’s fried cheesy-bacon-salty-creamy-spicy heaven on a plate.

There. Now go try it for yourself. You’re welcome 😉


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