Honey – a sugar substitute


Did you know you can substitute honey for sugar in most recipes? While I grew up seeing my mom and dad drink coffee every morning, we are more of a tea family. You know, like our motto is “a cup of tea can solve anything”. Good breakfast tea (Red Rose! Or Irish breakfast) with sugar and a little milk. My grandma even made us “milk tea” when we were too young to have the caffeine in real tea. As I got older and began exploring the wonderful world of tea (herbal and black, fruity and herbaceous) I learned the popular thing to do was have a cup of flavored tea with a bit of honey.
But after years of drinking COFFEE, I never tried the honey substitute. I just thought it would be weird. Coffee had too strong a flavor, and wouldn’t it be weird to mix honey and cream in your beverage???
But after several times at my good friend Jen’s house (who is all about fresh produce and healthy substitutes) and having her prepare my coffee, she revealed that she makes it with honey! It always tasted so good. So I started doing it at home. I couldn’t believe it – honey was AWESOME in coffee. It gives it a depth of flavor you don’t get from sugar. Sugar just makes things sweet. But honey… mm honey makes my heart happy ♥

Here’s some more information on using honey as a baking substitute: http://homecooking.about.com/od/specificfood/a/honeytips.htm


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