Cookie-crust brownie surprise!

If you’re like me, you’re careful with your kids’ sugar intake. Sugary cereal is kept to a minimum, no sweets before lunch, usually only one treat per day-and only after a good meal or healthy snack. Now I am flexible… somewhat.  Special occasions, for example.  Like birthdays. Easter. Christmas. And yes, that health-conscious mother-feared holiday: Halloween.
I recently found this recipe and thought, not only does it look DELICIOUS, but it definitely will use up a bit of our leftover candy. Because I promise you, it takes us at least a until the next year to finish off the candy from any candy-giving day. Hence my enthusiasm for this idea. Plus it is fun and kid friendly!

So, once Camille went down for her nap, Aubrey and Brendan helped me make these.  Ingredients:


Store-bought cookie dough, box brownie mix, mini-Reese's

First you smoosh refrigerated cookie dough into muffin tins. My mom had dropped off some frozen, store-bought dough awhile back, so I put it in the fridge to soften it up, then used it for this instead of making fresh.


Aubrey's job: drop dough into muffin tins

Then you drop mini-Reeses on top  of the dough.


Brendan's job: put the mini Reese's on top of cookie dough

Then you fill the muffin tins with the prepared brownie mix and bake at 350º. Recipe said 18mins, but mine took closer to 25.


They came out looking pretty good!




Aubrey said this looks like a person with two eyes

But how do they taste?? They definitely require a big glass of milk. Very rich. I wish the cookie dough crust tasted more like an actual cookie. I’m surprised how much all three ingredients’ flavors meld together.  You can taste hints of peanut butter in the crust and parts of the brownie. And the brownie tastes less like a fudgy brownie and more like, well, I guess chocolate cupcake. I usually prefer fudgy and chunky brownies! All in all not my favorite, but still a fun idea.  I wonder if they’d be better with homemade cookie or brownie mix? I’m definitely willing to try the Oreo cookie version. Now THAT sounds like a winner!

What’s your favorite way to repurpose Halloween candy??? Share in the comments below!


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